Ecoalition - Valentine's Workshop
Michelle Barron

Michelle Barron

Ecoalition: Valentine's Day DIY Gifts

With the help from UCF Sustainability Initiatives, students were able to upgrade their Valentine’s Day presents this year with gifts from the heart and the planet! Participants made biodegradable planters and heart-shaped tea bags for the special people in their life. Find out how you can swipe left on commercialization by crafting your own DIY Valentine’s gifts!

Heart-Shaped Tea Bags

1. Cut a folded piece of filter paper in the shape of a heart. Make sure that the heart is the size of a standard teabag to fit the correct serving of herbs inside. You should have two identical size heart-shaped filter pieces.

2. Grab your colored string and start sewing the two heart shape filters together around the edges. Leave a half-inch hole in your sewing towards the end.

3. Separate bits of your selected herbs to be combined inside your bag. You can use any combination and create new flavor combinations you have yet to try! We used locally sourced herbs from the UCF Arboretum.

4. Fill the filter with your favorite tea through the hole you left open.

5. Distribute the tea leaves inside the heart.

6. Finish sewing the heart and leave 4-5 inches of string hanging from your heart. This string will aid in easy steeping and disposal.

7. Admire your thoughtful handmade gift!

What you'll need:

  • Tea or coffee filters
  • Needle
  • Any color thread
  • Scissors
  • Tea leaves and herbs

Newspaper Pots for Seed Starting/Cuttings

Spring is right around the corner, which means it’s time to get seeds started! Check out the video below to follow along with this awesome and FREE way to gift a plant baby.