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Celina Lezcano

Celina Lezcano

Cheers to a Sustainable New Year!

With the New Year around the corner, it’s time to make those 2020 resolutions! Only this year, let’s all make a resolution, to actually keep our New Year’s resolutions. Small lifestyle changes can improve your overall well-being and the health of the planet. We’ve put together tips for success and a few sustainable resolutions to help you stroll into the new decade as an earth ally. 

Tips for Success

Set attainable goals:
Set yourself up for success by choosing an achievable resolution that you are passionate about. Keep your goals small, specific, and rewarding. A resolution that is too broad could prevent you from knowing where to start. Pick a few sustainable habits to pick up this year, and stick to them!

Plan to make it happen:
Decide what you want to achieve, then plan how you are going to do it. Make a step-by-step plan and consider what you need to succeed. Plan for any obstacles you may run into and how to avoid them. Breaking old habits isn’t easy, but planning will set you up to form new positive habits.

Stick to it:
It’s easy to fall back into your old routine and lose sight of your new year’s resolutions. Most people lose the drive to fulfill their resolutions by February, but that doesn’t have to be you! Telling your friends and family about your goals can encourage you to stay on track. Write your goals down in a planner or create a mood board to stay motivated.

It’s okay to slip up:
If you are looking for a long-term change, you have to accept that there will be occasional mistakes. Don’t let rare slip-ups discourage you from continuing your efforts towards your resolution altogether. Be kind to yourself and learn from your mistakes along your New year’s resolution journey.

Sustainable Resolutions!

1. Change What You Eat – Change The World

Reduce your consumption of animal products; Meatless Mondays are a great place to start and try out some tasty plant-based recipes! Animal agriculture contributes to deforestation, water pollution, and methane emissions. Swap your meat and dairy products with protein rich plants and vegan alternatives to make a difference without sacrificing taste.

2. Choose to Refuse

Avoid single-use plastic waste by ditching plastic straws, bottles, bags, and plastic ware for your own reusable options. Another great way to cut down on plastic is by bringing containers to participating grocery stores to buy in bulk.  

3. Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.

Instead of supporting fast fashion, opt for alternatives like thrifting, up-cycling what you already have, or shopping from ethical companies. Fast fashion often contributes to poor working conditions, leeching chemical pollutants, and contributes to landfill waste.

4. Clean Up Your Act – Compost

Instead of tossing food scraps into the trash, check out this backyard composting guide. If you can’t compost for yourself, collect and store your food waste in your freezer to drop off at the City of Orlando’s composting program. They convert organic waste into energy, and you’ll rarely have to take your trash out anymore!

5. Think Before You Buy

When you run out of a product, instead of repurchasing it, look for a more sustainable alternative. Take a look at how you can DIY and up-cycle what you already have. This gradually transitions your lifestyle to be more sustainable without buying new things all at once. Check out some simply sustainable swaps here!