The project produces up to 157,000 kWh, avoiding up to $17,000 per year in electricity costs
Hannah Hollinger

Hannah Hollinger

The lowdown on solar petitioning in the Sunshine State

Petitioners are a common sight around UCF campus. Their tireless attempts to grab one’s attention during the 10 second pass-by window has left some students to steer clear. When it comes to solar petitioning, hearsay has circulated on one versus the other, fostering confusion in voters. Fear no more — below is a nonbiased solar petition explanation to eradicate any confusion and open the doors to allow you to decipher which you wish to petition for, if you choose.

Why choose solar power?

Many individuals do not recognize the impact of energy efficiency in buildings. In the city of Orlando, 70% of our emissions are derived from building energy consumption, considering the dense downtown area and hospitality prevalence. Are you surprised that it is not transportation? Energy must be purchased through one’s provider, Stanton Energy Center or Duke Energy in Orlando. Much energy is lost in the system when developed using coal through preparation for the end user. In every 100 tons of coal put into the furnace, 86 tons is wasted, leaving 14 tons for heating/cooling our facilities.

Through solar, more energy power will be generated without a price increase. If utility-provided power rates increase, the solar rate will remain stable, providing financial certainty. Solar power generates electricity with no air emissions and no water use, thereby moving us to a sustainable energy future.

What is Floridians For Solar Choice and what do they stand for?

Floridians For Solar Choice is a grassroots effort in support of expanding solar panel options in Florida through the 2016 general election ballot. Signing this petition would assist in the removing a full upfront cost of the solar panel, and rather, would support a pay-as-you-go investment through an energy provider of one’s choice. This petition is not a mandate, nor a tax.

For more information, visit http://www.flsolarchoice.org/.

What is Consumers For Smart Solar and what do they stand for?

Consumers for Smart Solar is a business and civic-based effort in support of solar energy under the standing consumer protection regulations. It ensures that everyone who uses the electric grid helps pay to maintain it. It allows individuals and businesses to own and lease solar equipment to generate their own electricity while providing specific legal authorization for the leasing of solar equipment. It protects consumers from fraudulent practices, such as overcharging.

For more information, visit http://https://smartsolarfl.org/.

Studies have shown that Florida ranks 13th in actual solar power generation, despite its rank of 3rd in solar power generation potential and 1st in voluntary solar generation. The two petitions discussed are promoting separate causes, and it is important to be educated on the difference before signing. What’s next? Value this new understanding. Enable others with information on how we currently purchase energy and the potential changes in the future.