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Blue Kaufman

Blue Kaufman

FAQs: UCF's Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

In spirit of National Drive Electric Week (September 12-20), Sustainable UCF met with Krishna Singh, Director of Parking Services, and Andy Rampersad, Assistant Director, to pinpoint answers to common questions on the Electric Vehicle charging stations around campus. Check out what we found:


1) Where are the Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations located?

There are two charging stations available on the first floor of Parking Garage A, one in front of the Visitor and Parking Information Center, and four on the east side of the D1 parking lot next to Memory Mall. There is also a rapid charging station at UCF’s College of Medicine at Lake Nona.

2) How do I use the EV charging station?

The stations are very simple to use. You simply drive into a designated spot, and plug in your car, scooter, golf cart, etc. into its charging port. SemaConnect members can swipe their issued credit card for identification purposes, and will be notified via phone alert when their vehicle is done charging.

3) How much does it cost to use the EV charging stations?

The charging stations are free to use by anyone – faculty, staff, and students. They are used frequently on a daily basis, with peak hours of 8am-5pm.

4) How do the EV charging stations receive their energy?

The four charging stations in the D1 parking lot are solar-powered, and the rest are hardwired to UCF’s electricity provider via Duke Energy. These stations are considered “medium powered,” meaning they take approximately 4 hours to fully charge. The rapid charging station in Lake Nona takes approximately 1-2 hours to fully charge.

5) Do you predict any additional EV charging station installations in the future?

Yes. Parking Services hopes to add more EV charging stations in the parking garages, such as the four proposed hardwired stations in Garage C under the 600 parking spaces expansion.