Campus Sustainability Month

October 2019

Every October

Campus Sustainability Month is supported by the Association of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE). Each October, students at colleges and universities across the nation transform into effective change agents and drivers of sustainability innovation. Events for CSM often include film screenings, public speakers, and other sustainability related activities.


Sustainability in Motion

10/1 - Climate Correction Warm-Up

Come by the UCF Library to hear more about the 2019 Climate Correction Conference and what will be featured in our CC Expo. We are kicking off our Campus Sustainability Month by highlighting some of the different partners around the Central Florida area and how you can get involved. Enter for a chance to win a free ticket to Climate Correction at our table!

10/3 - Climate Correction

VoLo Foundation, in partnership with the University of Central Florida, invites you to the Second Annual Climate Correction, a conference and expo dedicated to sharing and collaborating on climate change solutions. If you have an interest in renewable energy, sea-level rise, clean eating, and sustainable living this conference is for you.

10/9 - Dissecting the Green New Deal at Memory Mall

Sustainability Initiatives will be out on Memory Mall hosting a group of local organizations already leading the charge to create a more sustainable future. Stop by different tables to learn about how the Orlando community is looking to make changes for the future. Come talk to SI to dissect the green new deal.

10/17 - Scary Recycling Relay

Join us at the Student Union Patio to learn about the scary reality of plastics and where your recycling actually goes. We will be dressed in costumes related to the scary realities of climate change while we educate the UCF community on the do’s and boo’s of recycling.

10/17 - Movie Screening in the Arboretum Park

Join us for an evening in the arboretum park while we screen a student's film and enjoy some donated food. Bring out a blanket and something to sit on while we screen our film.

10/21 - DIY Grassroots Campaign

Join us for a workshop on how you can get involved with a Grassroots Campaign. We will be hosting a local organization to lead us in a thought-provoking workshop on what it means to be supporting political movements and candidates you want to represent you.

Previous Years

Week 1: Solutions in the Sunshine State

At Sustainability Initiatives, we are focused on solutions. For week two of CSM, we have two events that will inspire you, empower you, and support you in creating sustainable solutions for the future!

Week 2: Murky Water

We know one thing for sure –water is life. How we treat our waterways will determine the health, wealth and success of our livelihood. Learn more about it from Dr. Sergio Alvarez and Dr. Alan Fyall of UCF Coastal.

Week 3: Future of the Forest

Film + Community = Change. We have the power and tools to change our world. Our forests, waterways, wildlife and communities that depend on them need us now more than ever.

Week 4: Clean Cities

Technology has an incredible potential to help us reach our goals. Join us for an afternoon of interactive games and demonstrations based around renewable energy, environmental engineering, and innovations!

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