CC Artist Award


Art Contest:

Present Issues, Future Solutions

As the effects of the climate crisis become more pervasive, it is imperative that we find solutions. At the 2019 Climate Correction conference, we presented our Engagement and Art Expo to illustrate the visuals that inspire change. We believe that meaningful art can connect us with our senses and that the response can prompt thought, engagement, and action within the community.

The theme for the 2019 Artist Award was “Present Issues, Future Solutions”. We encouraged participants to highlight community or technology-based solutions in their art pieces, real or imagined. Student artists used underlying messages and included environmental, social, and economic concepts that are often overlooked.

Congratulations to the 2019 winners:

1st Place – $750 Scholarship

Our Future is in the Wind – Camila Lim Hing

2nd Place – $500 Scholarship

Pollinator Drone by Celina Lezcano

3rd Place – $250 Scholarship

Raise Up, Raise Down by Andrea Merinsky

Submission Form

The submission period has ended.

For consideration, all applicants must be enrolled at the University of Central Florida and have a graduation date no earlier than Spring 2020. A limit of one art piece can be submitted for each artist. All artists must submit a completed submission form, along with accompanying photos or videos displaying the respected submission.


July 4th

Contest Opens

Submission sent via form above.

September 19th

Preliminary Round

A select number of art pieces will be chosen for display by a SI judging panel and preliminary round contestants emailed.

October 3rd

Conference Day

All participants are encouraged to join for the free exhibit. Work displayed at conference. Scholarship winners announced at conference.

All October

Art Work Displayed For Campus Sustainability Month

September 14th

Contest Closes

September 27th

All Works Collected

All work must be in UCF Sustainability Initiatives possession.

October 7th

Winners Published

Winners and Honorable Mentions published online.

November 4th

Art Work Available For Pickup

Winners and Honorable Mentions posted online, and artwork must be picked up from our office.



- Drawing
- Painting
- Photography
- Digital/Mixed Media
- Printmaking
- Sculpture


- Cannot exceed 3' x 3' x 6' space
- Must be moderately transportable


- Students should have a graduation date no earlier than Spring 2020
- At least a part-time enrollment during Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 is required.
- Students are strongly encouraged, but not required, to be present during display
- International and DACA students are eligible to apply
- Students will be responsible for all supplies
- All work must be done and put together by the ​time of submission
- If selected, must be available to deliver finished work by September 26th


- No organic materials (e.g. Banana peels, coffee grounds, etc.)
- No literary submissions
- No installation pieces
- Students will be responsible for all supplies
- All work must be done and put together by time of submission


The top three submissions of the Art Walk will receive Climate Correction Artist Awards.

- Top winner will be awarded a $750 scholarship
- Runner up will receive a $500 scholarship
- Third-place will receive a $250 scholarship

All artists whose piece​s are selected for display at the Art Walk will receive Swag Bags consisting of sustainable items and SVAD swag


Scholarships are dispersed through Financial Aid. In the event that there is an over-award, other aid may be reduced to be in keeping with federal regulations, state statutes, and/or university policy.