The Sustainability Working Advisory Team (SWAT) concentrating on Land & Water will report on the university water goals including, but not limited to, the potable water in buildings, process water consumption, irrigation water, wastewater treatment, reclaim water usage, high efficiency fixtures, and water reuse in buildings. They will also report on the university land goals including, but not limited to, pesticide and fertilize use.

Chair: Chris Kennedy – Assistant Director, Landscape and Natural Resources


  • Gary Rudolph – Associate Director Utility Production, Utilities & Energy Services
  • John McInerney – Maintenance Manager, Facilities Operations
  • Keith Coelho – Coordinator Utilities & Energy Management, Utilities & Energy Services
  • Larry Eflin – Water Utilities Supervisor, Utilities and Energy Services
  • Richard Berwanger – Senior Maintenance Superintendent, Housing & Residence Life
  • Saul Santiago – Chilled Water Superintendent, Utilities & Energy Services
  • Patrick Bohlen, Dr. – Director, Arboretum & Landscape & Natural Resources; Professor, Biology

Student Liaisons: