Sustainable Thanksgiving Tips

Tip #1 Try something different
There are tons of meatless alternatives to the standard Thanksgiving turkey! You might not get to decide what makes up the centerpiece of your family’s meal, but you can always bring something new to the table for everyone to try. Check out Vegan Heaven for some awesome vegan recipes!

Tip #2 Know the menu
If you’re going to a friend or relatives house, know what they’re cooking so you can prepare to bring/make your own dishes if necessary. Now’s the time to show off your favorite vegan & vegetarian dishes!

Tip #3 Travel with a friend
Many of us have to travel long distances to see our loved ones over the holidays. But, if you’re just doing a bit of light traveling, or headed in the same direction as a friend or family member, consider carpooling to cut back on emissions and save on gas!

Tip #4 Ditch the disposables
If you’re feeding a big group it might be tempting to break out the plastic cutlery and Styrofoam plates, but resist the urge! Plastics can take up to 1,000 years to break down in landfills, and Styrofoam never biodegrades (x). If you’re looking to cut back on dishes and save on water, take a look at compostable plates.

Tip #5 Share those leftovers
Well-meaning relatives can often be too generous when they’re packing up your leftovers. Why not share it with your friends & roommates? You could even have a second Friendsgiving with all of your leftovers to ensure that nothing goes to waste!

Tip #6 Plan & prepare for what you need
Use handy tools like Save the Food’s online “Guest-imator” to help you plan correctly for the amount of people you need to feed and the amount of leftovers you’d like to have! (x)

Tip #7 Shop local
There are plenty of great fruits & veggies in season right now! Check out your local farmers market, or plan an adventure to one wherever you might be traveling to, and fill your Thanksgiving feast with as many farm fresh ingredients as you can.

Photo courtesy of Stacy Splensley