Student Sustainability Advisory Committee members selected to focus on six encompassing initiatives come fall

The inaugural Student Sustainability Advisory Committee (SSAC) open positions have been filled for the 2016-2017 academic year. The chosen individuals, comprised of both undergraduate and graduate students, are equipped with varied educational backgrounds and project ideas, substantial prior extracurricular involvement, and most importantly, a passion to create a legacy of sustainability at UCF.

The Student Sustainability Advisory Committee
members are as follows:

  • Building Efficiency & Land Conservation:
  • Vanessa Vargas
    Shannon McGuffey

  • Energy: Renewables & Alternatives:
  • Carlos Soto
    Catherine Ninah

  • Food, Livability, & Wellness:
  • Alissa Williams
    Sarah Davenport

  • Solid Waste: Impacts & Solutions:
  • Andrea Vitiello
    Madeline Halvey

  • Transportation: Vehicle Emissions & Alternatives:
  • Tolga Ercan
    Emily Marte

  • Water: Conservation & Management:
  • Bradley Brown
    Jennifer Predvil

    The Committee will work collectively towards its established goals as a whole, but will also allow for the independent execution of subcommittee projects and initiatives. Ultimately, the suggestions and feedback in these core areas will be reported to the existing Sustainability Advisory Committee comprised of Faculty and Administration, as a means of connecting the student vision to presiding work.

    If you are interested in working alongside with one (or more) of the subcommittees, contact information, along with meeting minutes and project lists, will be available here at the start of Fall semester.