The Creative School for Children is growing its outdoor classroom

The UCF Creative School for Children, typically known for its unique learning environment, can also be recognized for its support of the natural environment. In recognition of nature’s splendor, the school recently expanded its outdoor-based curriculum. Its emergent “outdoor classroom” follows their usual no-worksheet learning style and instead encourages sensory, play-based developmental programs.

FAQs: UCF's Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

In spirit of National Drive Electric Week (September 12-20), Sustainable UCF met with Krishna Singh, Director of Parking Services, and Andy Rampersad, Assistant Director, to pinpoint answers to common questions on the Electric Vehicle charging stations around campus. Check out what we found:

1) Where are the Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations located?

UCF Fills Reflecting Pond With Thousands of Water Bottles to Celebrate Earth Day

Spirit Splash is typically the only time during the year when students are allowed to enter the UCF Reflecting Pond. But on Wednesday, more than 250,000 plastic water bottles filled the pond in an attempt to show waste and promote sustainability.

With the help of David Norvell, assistant vice president of sustainability, and UCF Recycles, event coordinators were able to successfully calculate and collect the number of plastic bottles it would take to fill the pond.

New Head of Sustainability Initiatives Points UCF to Greener Future

David Norvell was 12 years old when he mailed off an application for a license from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, built a still in his back yard and began fermenting oranges to produce ethanol to power his lawnmower.

“I’ve always been interested in science,” Norvell said. “Even as a kid I was doing things out of the box, building things and trying to understand how things work and how to make things better and more efficient.”