Crossroads project quartet joins student sustainability workshop

Taking action is not always simple. One may know that it is morally right to recycle, but its inconvenience leaves the individual throwing plastic bottles into the trash day and day again. What many of us have come to realize is that availability of information does not always lead to action. A discussion-based workshop this morning focused on this concept involving our knowledge of complex environmental issues, sponsored by the Department of Philosophy Ethics Center Initiative and the Office of Interdisciplinary Studies.

International guests tour UCF's Combined Heat and Power Plant

As part of the ASHRAE 2016 Winter Conference, UCF Department of Utilities & Energy Services hosted a Combined Heat and Power Plant tour last week. Fifty-seven were in attendance including HVAC consultants, designers, owners, operators, presidents, doctors, and professional engineers from the United States, Dubai, India, China, Japan, Canada, and South America.

Pursuing sustainable coastal systems research under new faculty cluster initiative

Coastal systems research will soon evolve beyond its typical limits by integrating an interdisciplinary focus in a new collective opportunity. To no surprise, coastal systems research is vital to the state of Florida, given that its wellbeing maintains the economy and environment.

The UCF Alumni Association takes on GreenUp UCF campaign

The UCF Alumni Association Staff pledged to "green" their workspace at the GreenUp UCF Lunch & Learn on Friday, the kickoff date of the "GreenUp UCF" campaign. In partnership with Sustainability Initiatives and UCF Utilities & Energy Services, the Alumni Association dedicated the UCF FAIRWINDS Alumni Center building to carry out the Green Office Certification initiative. Ann Allen, Assistant Director of Marketing & Events, was motivated to lead this task.

"Smartening up" on climate change with Susan Hassol

Skeptics are becoming few and far between as climate change impacts become more apparent. The floods in Miami, the drought in California, and this week's East Coast blizzard warnings are just a few examples of these changes. Despite these events and the overwhelming scientific evidence confirming the presence of climate change and its accompanied human-induced amplification, pushback is still present.

Energy Knights goes beyond theory

A student organization at UCF has recently revamped to provide those passionate about energy with opportunities to bring theory to practice. Originally known as IDEAS for Solar (a branch off of IDEAS for UCF) or Solar Knights, the RSO found that innovative energy goes beyond just solar.

UF IFAS Extension offers resources galore to Orange County

Whether you are looking for ideas for your butterfly garden, need guidance to grow your own produce, wonder how a plant species can sustain the Florida "winter," or think you are over watering your lawn, there is an educational resource available for you.

The lowdown on solar petitioning in the Sunshine State

Petitioners are a common sight around UCF campus. Their tireless attempts to grab one's attention during the 10 second pass-by window has left some students to steer clear. When it comes to solar petitioning, hearsay has circulated on one versus the other, fostering confusion in voters. Fear no more -- below is a nonbiased solar petition explanation to eradicate any confusion and open the doors to allow you to decipher which you wish to petition for, if you choose.

Why choose solar power?

Knights stand for climate change during 24 Hours of Reality

"The reality is this: our climate is changing, and it’s changing fast. But all around us, there is hope. Every movement has its moment. This is ours." Climate change resides at the forefront of today's recognizable global issues, making it difficult to ignore. If it isn't the mid-November dire heat in Orlando, the flooding in Miami, the record breaking hurricane in Mexico, or the water drought in California serve as reminders of the current situation we are facing.

Lake Claire brings sustainability to the forefront

"How green are you? Show your love for the Earth and get Green Room Certified!"