Newly approved strategic plan incorporates health and sustainability

The Collective Impact Strategic Plan was approved on May 31, 2016 by the UCF Board of Trustees and the UCF President and Provost's offices under the dimensions of philosophy, value, and distinctive impact. As a leader in higher education, the University of Central Florida is said to be entering a new phase focused on innovation and meeting the growing demand. The Strategic Plan maps out the avenues to accomplish this, which now incorporates health and sustainability into its metrics.

GEARED student takes a glimpse at the future visiting NREL

The Grid Engineering for Accelerated Renewable Energy Deployment (GEARED) program works to educate aspiring professionals in the future of energy utility by hosting various university representatives in Student Innovation Board charters.

New course offering utilizes campus as a living laboratory

In Spring of 2016, UCF’s College of Engineering and Computer Science offered a new honors-level course titled Systems Analysis for Sustainability in Engineered Systems (CCE 3930H), instructed by Dr. Omer Tatari, Ph.D., LEED AP. The 14-week course introduces principles of sustainable engineering, systems and life-cycle thinking, and the development of sustainability metrics and indicators. The course uses dynamic modeling as an experimental platform to study and analyze the dynamics of socio-technical and environmental problems.

STEAM researchers use art and music as communication outlet

Earlier this month, Dr. Debra Reinhart and Catherine Ninah collaborated with the UCF Percussion Studio to host the ICubed STEAM Percussion Recital inspired by the pair's research and modeling of the Food, Energy, and Water (FEW) nexus. While the acronym STEAM may not sound immediately familiar, in fact, it stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. It is demonstrating STEM through the arts.

Biodegradable seagulls wins 1st national environmental playwright award

Alex Hehr, University of Central Florida student, was awarded the first National Planet Earth Arts Award for the American College Theatre Festival for his original piece Biodegradable Seagulls. The play addressed the environment, climate change, or society’s impact on sustainability, and was presented at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

“I was ecstatic to find out I had won the award. Trash, litter, and the mistreatment of animals were huge themes for my piece, so I am very happy it was recognized,” said Hehr.

Resident Assistants compete for the "Greenest RA" title

Congratulations to RA Chelsea Claverie from the Hercules Community, as she has been dubbed the 2016 Greenest RA!

In co-occurrence with the Kill-A-Watt Energy Conservation Competition, UCF Resident Assistants are given an opportunity to compete for "Greenest RA." This title wins the individual a two semester, all-access meal plan provided by UCF Business Services.

Grad Knight strives for a zero-waste event

The UCF Alumni Association extended their GreenUp UCF campaign to include a zero-waste event challenge this month, led by Ann Allen, Assistant Director of UCF FAIRWINDS Alumni Center's Marketing & Events. Grad Knight was dubbed as the participating event, where 500 seniors visited the Alumni Center for send off.

Sustainability Progression via Student Advisory Committee

Students at the University of Central Florida have continually advocated for sustainability. In 2006, the results of surveying, focus groups, and one-on-one consultations presented what students cared most about: a just and sustainable future. A decade later, it is still evident – visually, ethically… culturally.

Senior design students bring floating solar to UCF retention pond

“Geoff meet Rubin, Rubin meet Geoff. You’re working together for your Senior Design project.”

It all started with an interest in the glamorous solar panel. Initially, Rubin York had the idea to heat water using the waste heat generated from solar panels. Geoffrey Gregory had the idea to create a novel solar phone charger. Professor Stresau, the Senior Design Coordinator, recognized the shared interest and introduced the two, and the team expanded thereafter.

Record number of UCF students attend Clinton Global Initiative University

The University of Central Florida achieved a university record of seventeen admittances to Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U). The distinguished few included one of Sustainability Initiatives' own, Hannah Hollinger, who attended in representation of the Composting Cycling project with IDEAS for UCF. Now equipped with CGI U knowledge, we sat down and asked her some questions about her experience.

Q: What is the mission of Clinton Global Initiative University?