UCF community engages with electric vehicles galore for NDEW

Early Tuesday morning, a handful of vehicles made their way to the Student Union patio for the first annual Charge On! Electric Vehicle Display. Community partners from all over Orlando and beyond drove to the University of Central Florida campus, each emitting zero carbon in the trek. As campus activity began to rise and morning classes were released, student crowds began to stop in awe, whip out their phones to snap a photo, and ask, "what are these cars about?"

Windermere Prep visits UCF to see sustainability in motion

Windermere Preparatory High School of Orlando was welcomed to the University of Central Florida campus on Friday. Eighty high school seniors began learning about green initiatives in their classroom and were eager to see the same concepts in real-time fruition.

Enigeers Without Borders brings hydroponic technology to the Bithlo community

The University of Central Florida’s student organization, Engineers without Borders (EWB), is breaking barriers through the recent installation of an aquaponics system in part of their endeavor dubbed “Project Bithlo.” Located less than five miles east down Colonial Drive within the justly named Transformation Village, the community has been a centerpiece for sustainable innovation in recent years. The aquaponics system was completely student designed and manually installed to Orange County Academy, in hopes of providing fresh vegetables and fish to the students and the community.

Student Sustainability Advisory Committee members selected to focus on six encompassing initiatives come fall

The inaugural Student Sustainability Advisory Committee (SSAC) open positions have been filled for the 2016-2017 academic year. The chosen individuals, comprised of both undergraduate and graduate students, are equipped with varied educational backgrounds and project ideas, substantial prior extracurricular involvement, and most importantly, a passion to create a legacy of sustainability at UCF.

The Student Sustainability Advisory Committee
members are as follows:

Walt Disney shares plan for environmentality

A peer giant of Central Florida, serving millions of guests a year and employing over 70,000 individuals, brought its insight to the University of Central Florida on how to go about lessening this large footprint. Tammy Kaleel, Environmental Integration Director of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, spoke with a select group of Faculty and Staff on how the Walt Disney Company is essentially "building a culture of sustainability."

Conceptual energy plant design acknowledges climate action

In support of UCF’s commitment to climate action, and pursuant to UCF’s utility master plan for an ever-growing campus, the new 8000RT District Energy Plant IV will incorporate both energy and environmentally conscious design features. The new plant will simultaneously provide centralized cooling and heating campus-wide.

International delegates visit UCF with focus on climate change adaptation

The World Affairs Council of Central Florida comprised of leaders from around the world visited the University of Central Florida on Wednesday, taking special interest in climate change adaptation and renewable energy within. The roster held an assortment of impressive professionals, traveling from Botswana, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic to Croatia, Malaysia, and Slovakia to the States, many having no preview U.S. travel.

Newly approved strategic plan incorporates health and sustainability

The Collective Impact Strategic Plan was approved on May 31, 2016 by the UCF Board of Trustees and the UCF President and Provost's offices under the dimensions of philosophy, value, and distinctive impact. As a leader in higher education, the University of Central Florida is said to be entering a new phase focused on innovation and meeting the growing demand. The Strategic Plan maps out the avenues to accomplish this, which now incorporates health and sustainability into its metrics.

GEARED student takes a glimpse at the future visiting NREL

The Grid Engineering for Accelerated Renewable Energy Deployment (GEARED) program works to educate aspiring professionals in the future of energy utility by hosting various university representatives in Student Innovation Board charters.

New course offering utilizes campus as a living laboratory

In Spring of 2016, UCF’s College of Engineering and Computer Science offered a new honors-level course titled Systems Analysis for Sustainability in Engineered Systems (CCE 3930H), instructed by Dr. Omer Tatari, Ph.D., LEED AP. The 14-week course introduces principles of sustainable engineering, systems and life-cycle thinking, and the development of sustainability metrics and indicators. The course uses dynamic modeling as an experimental platform to study and analyze the dynamics of socio-technical and environmental problems.