Season of Sustainability

#1: Avoid fast fashion brands

Sustainable Thanksgiving Tips

Tip #1 Try something different
There are tons of meatless alternatives to the standard Thanksgiving turkey! You might not get to decide what makes up the centerpiece of your family’s meal, but you can always bring something new to the table for everyone to try. Check out Vegan Heaven for some awesome vegan recipes!

UCF Recycles

UCF Recycles

Off campus residents often face the common issue of responsibly disposing their recyclables. Unfortunately due to the lack of proper receptacles, these materials are frequently thrown in the trash. However, UCF is making it easier to be sustainable by launching a new trailer with six recycling receptacles on board. The 24-hour recycling trailer can be found on the corner of Libra and Perseus, just behind the UCF Police Department. Now it's easier than ever to collect your recyclables and tote them along for drop off on your way to class.

Plastic Free July Roundup

It's no secret that we waste a lot of plastic. About 8.8 million tons of it enter our oceans annually, and that number is growing (Parker, 2018). Last month, our student assistants Dani and Michelle joined the 3.4 million people that participated in the Plastic Free July challenge, and here's what they experienced:

Plastic Free July Survival Guide

It’s that time of year again. Better than Christmas or even your birthday….It’s Plastic Free July! Each year, millions of participants across the world “choose to refuse” plastic items with this month-long challenge. If you’ve been looking for a way to cut down on plastic and reduce your impact on the environment this is the opportunity for you!

UCF Celebrates National Pollinator Week

What's the Buzz?

UCF hosts a variety of events to celebrate pollinators

The bees are on the move. In the heat of June they launch into the air, their tiny bodies kept afloat by translucent wings fluttering in rapid succession. They fly with invisible instructions, to music unheard, searching for the fragrant blooms of summertime.

UCF Guide to Starting a Monarch Butterfly Garden

Monarch Butterflies have always been a staple in North America. For generations, classroom children have watched in wonder as tiny stripped caterpillars transformed before their eyes into magnificent winged giants. Draped in orange, veined in black, and speckled with white, these Monarch Butterflies are stewards of nature and symbols of summer

UCF Stormwater Ponds Combat Runoff

In undeveloped areas, rainwater is usually soaked up by grasses and plants. When sidewalks, buildings, and roads are added to the landscape, this water cycle changes. Instead of being absorbed into the soil, the water flows across streets and parking lots. Here it collects sediments, pollutants, fertilizers, and oils—a toxic blend known as stormwater runoff.

UCF Kicks of Recycle Mania

On February 4th, The University of Central Florida will kick off with “RecycleMania”, a friendly recycling competition taking place at universities all across the nation