UCF Stormwater Ponds Combat Runoff

In undeveloped areas, rainwater is usually soaked up by grasses and plants. When sidewalks, buildings, and roads are added to the landscape, this water cycle changes. Instead of being absorbed into the soil, the water flows across streets and parking lots. Here it collects sediments, pollutants, fertilizers, and oils—a toxic blend known as stormwater runoff.

UCF Kicks of Recycle Mania

On February 4th, The University of Central Florida will kick off with “RecycleMania”, a friendly recycling competition taking place at universities all across the nation

10 Tips For a Sustainable Holiday Season: UCF Edition

Tip #1 Get creative with your wrapping
Wrapping paper is a major source of waste. This holiday season try using newspaper (comics are great!), magazines, reusable cloth, or recycled paper. Leave out the ribbons and bows- these frills aren’t recyclable and end up in landfills.

Watts up with Electric Vehicles?

On Tuesday October 24th, Sustainability Initiatives hosted its 2nd annual Electric Vehicle Display in front of the Student Union. Here, Student Government Association, Parking and Transportation Services, and various community members partnered together to bring awareness to sustainable modes of transportation available to students.

Follow the Green Brick Road: Campus Sustainability Month

Every year, the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) hosts Campus Sustainability Month. During this time, universities across the nation engage in different events, activities, and initiatives in order to foster communication and increase awareness towards the sustainability challenges that face our planet.

Student coalition brings local and global sustainability solutions into discussion

In Spring of 2017, the Student Sustainability Coalition brought students from all academic disciplines and standings together on the first Thursday of each month to discuss the pressing issue we all face and care for: sustainability. In the midst of a evolving political climate, especially in light of climate change science skepticism, coalition meetings fell far from having a short discussion list. Every meeting had something exciting in-store, with the end goal to provide a new understanding, opportunity, or skill set for those who attended.

UCF engineers secure $2 million federal grant to advance energy grid

A team of UCF engineers and their private partners have been awarded $2 million by the U.S. Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative to develop the next generation of grid planning and operational tools to integrate solar power into the power grid.

The team, five faculty members in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering led by Professor Zhihua Qu, will work on algorithms that improve the digital distribution of energy from the source, such as solar, to the end users.

UCF Arboretum labels campus plants and trees with QR readers

65 interactive plaques with QR readers currently adorn the University of Central Florida as part of an Arboretum project intended to increase plant education on campus.

Campus-grown herbs support student stress relief during finals week

The week before finals, students lined up in the Student Union atrium in search of some stress relief. Campus partners, the Student Government Association, UCF Arboretum, and Wellness and Health Promotion Services, looked towards a holistic way of managing stress by utilizing herbs grown in good ol' main campus soil.

Students were invited to create their own personalized tea using these fresh herbs from the Arboretum’s community garden, the Creative School for Children’s community garden, and Fresh U's tower gardens. Herbs included: