City of Orlando's "Keep Orlando Beautiful" is a fun group with a serious mission and heavily rely on volunteers to help meet our goals in the areas of litter prevention, waste reduction and recycling and beautification efforts while incorporating educational components.

City of Orlando's "The Garden" Program fosters a safe environment where volunteers can engage students in topics and activities relating to gardening, nutrition, and agricultural career exploration. It serves as a hands-on gardening opportunity and is a youth crime reduction effort in the community.

Eco-Action Inc. incorporates protecting and preserving Central Florida's natural environment through canoe clean-ups. The organization aims to encourage, create, and support ecological education, responsible consumption, development of alternative energy sources, and public participation in addressing environmental issues.

Hands On Orlando provides various volunteering opportunities that foster leadership building. Project leaders can gain vital leadership, management, delegating and public speaking skills and experiences as they leverage their time and passion to help others.

Maya Papaya Organic Farm collaborates natural agriculture, permaculture, aquaponics and holistic healing on its three-acre property. Various research opportunities present themselves, such as in ecology, water, livestock, and innovative agricultural technology. The farm utilizes compost and organic fertilizers, and homes rescue goats, alpacas, rabbits, and fish on-site. It also has a yoga studio that offers a daily opportunity in holistic and spiritual growth amongst a natural, healthy environment.

The Orange Audubon Society focuses on the recognition of the tangible and intangible values in the remaining natural areas of Florida and the world, and our responsibility for the conservation of the Earth’s natural ecosystems and the services that they provide for the health of the planet. They offer various educational classes, field trips, and volunteering opportunities throughout the year in Orange County.