The 10th Annual Kill-A-Watt
Energy Conservation Competition

Kill-A-Watt Scholarship Recipients

Top Entries

  • Jeanelle Baldwin, Nike 104
  • Lauren Punales, Hercules 111
  • Erica Castaneda, Hercules 111
  • Sarah Rosenberger, Apollo Osceola
  • Gabriel Montes, Lake Claire 68

Runner Ups

  • Tremaine Jackson, Tower II
  • Kiana Ledman, Hercules 111
  • Luke Salerno, Nike 104
  • Zach Good, Hercules 111
  • Tamera Allen, Apollo Osceola

*No entries were received from Rosen, Greek Park, or Neptune for consideration.

Building Qualifiers:
Apollo's Osceola Hall; Libra's Orange Hall; Nike's 104 & 105; Hercules's 111 & 112; Neptune's 157; Towers I & II; Rosen's 904; Lake Claire's 67 & 68; Greek Park's Chi Omega.

Submissions can include:

  • Short stories/ essays (500 words or less)
  • Videos (1:30 min or less)
  • Snapchat stories
  • Photo stories (at least 7 photos in the series)
  • Submissions should address how to reduce energy consumption as a student. Send in your entries by e-mail to, and also post your submission OR a message/image about conserving energy on a social media platform of your choice (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) with the Hashtag: #UCFkillawatt and tag: @SustainableUCF by the deadline.

What is Kill-A-Watt?

For the last 10 years, Sustainability Initiatives, in conjunction with the Department of Housing and Residence Life, has led a campaign to reward students who reduce their energy consumption. Overtime, the name, rules, and incentives have seen several revisions. Nevertheless,the trends in energy savings have been consistent. In years past, the Kill-a-Watt competition has resulted in savings of nearly $50,000 over the two-month period and has saved the university a total of 2,216,485 kWh of energy, equivalent to $216,004.00. The energy saved could power 200 average homes in the United States for a full year!

How do I participate?

Any on-campus resident can participate by making simple behavioral changes to reduce their energy usage in their dorm room/apartment (see the Tips & Tricks flyer). Starting February 1st and ending on March 31st, building residents will work together to compete against the other buildings within their respective living community in order to achieve the greatest energy reduction. At the end of the competition we will announce the building standings and the residents of these best performing buildings will be eligible to apply for scholarships! Read the details on the How-To Win flyer.

Participating Communities
Apollo, Hercules, Nike, Libra, Neptune, Towers, Lake Claire, Rosen, & Greek Park (409/411/415/416/417).

If your community is not included contact us to see how you can participate.

What can I win?
$500! We have 10 $500 scholarships to hand out - one for each community.

Email us at

Spread the word in your community:
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