Buildings represent one of our greatest sustainability opportunities and challenges. To evolve as a center of learning, pursue world-changing research and respond to pressing environmental concerns, UCF designs and creates buildings that use resources wisely and provide healthy, productive environments.

Reducing our energy usage is integral to creating a sustainable campus. As a premier research institution with a voracious energy appetite, this can often times prove to be challenging. However, with UCF's growth, we have experienced a steady reduction. In the State of Florida, UCF has made unprecedented steps to deploy the latest energy efficiency technologies and implement energy conservation strategies.

UCF Dining is committed to providing sustainable, locally-produced foods whenever possible. These efforts help decrease pollution from pesticides and chemicals, reduce energy use, support local small businesses, and provide fresh and delicious meals.

The EPA estimates that the average American generates 4.3 lbs of waste a day and more than half is sent to the landfill. In the next five years, our goal is to divert 75% of waste from the landfill. Reducing the amount of waste UCF generates not only preserves land but also saves energy and water, reduces our greenhouse gas emissions and preserves natural resources.

Once considered a small commuter and technology school, UCF now claims the second largest student population in the country. As our population increases, we are taking pointed steps to reduce transportation carbon emissions. Our Black and Gold line, off-campus Shuttle Service, Bike Share program and Car sharing network are moving us towards a greener tomorrow.

Surrounded on three sides by water bodies, Florida also has thousands of lakes, and several streams and rivers. With water seemingly in excess, many may not readily recognize our need to conserve. Water plays a vital role in our quality of life, recreation, agriculture and economy. Having enough water to meet our needs while protecting our environment is critical.