Green Room Certification

This initiative allows every student living on campus to create their very own energy efficient environment. Green Room Certification is an ongoing effort to instill long-term sustainable habits within residents.

How it works: Residents preform a self-evaluation using the checklist below. An individual needs to display at least seven of these points in their dorm room or apartment to get green room certified. Depending on one's score, residents will be able to determine which areas need improvement and thus make the appropriate adjustments.

Green Room Certification Checklist

Have a flat screen under 25"
Have only one TV per suite
Use a water filter and/or reusable water bottle instead of bottled water
Use CFL/LED bulbs in lamps
Utilize natural sunlight during daytime hours
Have windows closed when A/C is running
Use a recycling bin
Support living plants to improve air quality
Turn computer monitor off when not in use
Have an Energy Star appliance (kitchen, TV, computer, other)
Use a power strip to turn off multiple devices when not in use
Eliminate phantom power by unplugging idle devices
Re-purpose old items in a creative way
Have share appliances instead of one per roommate (e.g. one microwave per apartment)
Turn up the thermostat when leaving the room
Use linens with organic or recycled materials
Purchase local and/or organic produce or cleaning products

Upon completion of the self-evaluation, residents are to contact their assigned Resident Assistant for an official evaluation to determine if the dorm room or apartment is eligible for certification. If one's Resident Assistant is unresponsive to the certification request, please contact Sustainability Initiatives.

What it gets you: Receiving a certification earns the resident a "Green Room Certified" door tag. This certification sets an example for peer residents, and also serves as a favorable prerequisite for the annual Kill-A-Watt Energy Conservation Scholarship Competition. Every student living on campus, all 6,000, have the opportunity to attain Green Room Certification.

The Northview apartment below displays tips to become Green Room Certified: