Ms. Emily Marte
Student Sustainability Advisory Committee Member
Transportation: Emissions & Alternatives
Majoring in Environmental Studies
February 2017

Q: What does Sustainability mean to you?
A: To me, sustainability means doing daily activities with minimal impact on the environment and making your carbon footprint as small as possible. Choosing more environmentally-friendly alternatives to everyday things is how to be sustainable.

Q: How do you incorporate sustainability into your lifestyle?
A: I incorporate sustainability into my lifestyle by doing small but significant things to help our environment. I never drink out of a plastic bottle, but instead use my reusable bottle and bring it with me everywhere I go. I also carpool with friends whenever I can. In addition, I try to avoid using disposable items such as cups, utensils, and plates. Another way I am sustainable is by consuming locally grown and organic products.

Q: What would you like to see at UCF to make it a more sustainability driven university?
A: One way that I would like to see UCF become a more sustainability driven university is by having more recycling bins. I have friends who live on campus that have told me about the lack of recycling bins in their dorms, forcing them to throw recyclables in the trash. I can also see this lack of available recycling bins just around campus. Another way UCF can be more sustainable is by having more solar panels like the ones in front of Garage B. I think investing in renewable energy is a great way for UCF to be more innovative, sustainable, and also set an example for other universities.

Q: What advice do you have for fellow students to live more sustainably?
A: I am constantly encouraging my friends to live more sustainable. I think a big, but easy, tip I can give fellow students on how to live more sustainably is by purchasing a reusable bottle. As small as that sounds, it can help our environment a lot. Plastic water bottles are a huge pollutant in our environment that also harms many species. If everyone invested in a reusable bottle, I think our waste in this country would be greatly reduced. In addition, eliminating disposable items from our lives in general would allow us to be more sustainable.

Q: What is your vision for sustainability?
A: My vision for sustainability has a lot to do with politics. The future of sustainability in this country is in the hands of our elected officials. I think if people are active in their communities when it comes to elections and local projects, a lot can be done to make UCF, Florida, and the United States a leader when it comes to sustainability. Education is also key in influencing others to live more sustainably. Teaching others about climate change and our impact on the Earth and it's species could definitely change the way people live their daily lives.