Energy Specialist Training Program

2017 Cohort to be announced Monday, May 15th.

The Office of Sustainability Initiatives is partnering with the City of Orlando and USGBC to relaunch an Energy Specialist Training Program (ESTP) for UCF students. The goal of the program is to train 30 students to benchmark buildings utilizing Energy Star Portfolio Manager to gain technical knowledge and support the community.

This free program also offers participants valuable access to experts in their field, potential employers, and a community of like-minded individuals who share the goal of being good stewards of the environment and energy dollars.

The program includes four phases over the course of two months:

  • PHASE 1 - Introduction to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager and the Central Florida Battle of the Buildings

    Students will have access to two presentations given by the local US Green Building Council (USGBC-FL) to provide background information on the programs they will be working with and the clients (businesses) they will be assisting.

  • PHASE 2 - On-line training and data gathering

    Students will attend a lab to work with real building data while receiving hands-on assistance from the USGBC-FL program coordinator. Students will learn how to utilize the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager tool to perform energy benchmarking assessments of buildings.

    Each student will perform an energy benchmark of 5 UCF campus buildings as training.

  • PHASE 3 - Mock Presentation: Preparing for your Clients

    Students will participate in a mock site visit to imitate the experience of going out into the field and interacting with real business owners.

  • PHASE 4 - Site Visits
    Students will begin visiting and working with local businesses to help them benchmark their buildings and problem solve issues of energy use. Students will have the opportunity to interact directly with CEOs, Facility Manager, Chief Engineers, and decision makers as they work hand-in-hand with these businesses.

The benefits of the Energy Specialist Training program are far reaching. Students who complete the training will walk away with proficiency in introductory building science and energy assessments, exposure to major companies and decision makers through site visits and guest dinners, letters of recommendation from top officials, and earn the opportunity to receive future paid internships.