Below is a compilation of UCF undergraduate and graduate courses that incorporate sustainability in their curriculum. 4000-level courses and below are typically undergraduate courses; 5000-level courses and above are typically graduate courses.

College of Arts and Humanities

ARC 3610 Environmental Technology
ARC 4620 Environmental Technology 2
ENC 4360 Nature Writing
AMH 5636 Colloquium in US Environmental History
LIT 3437 International Environmental Justice Literature
PHI 3033 Philosophy Religion and the Environment
PHI 3640 Environmental Ethics
PHM 4031 Environmental Philosophy

College of Business Administration

ECP 3302 Economics and the Environment
ECP 4303 Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
ECP 4530 Health Economics
ECP 6309 Survey of Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

College of Engineering and Computer Science

CCE 5006 Infrastructure Systems Management
CCE 6045 Cost Analysis of Sustainable Infrastructure Systems
CCE 5220 Sustainable Infrastructure Systems
CCE 6817 Dynamics of Sustainable Systems
CEG 5405 Seepage in Soils
CEG 6065 Soil Dynamics
CEG 6317 Advanced Geotechnical Engineering
CES 6320 Advanced Structural Mechanics
CES 6910 Research in Structural Engineering
CES 4205 Structural Mechanics
CGN 6655 Regional Planning Design and Development
CWR 4120 Hydrology
CWR 4124 Hydrogeology
CWR 4202C Hydraulics
CWR 4632C Water Resources Engineering I
CWR 4633C Water Resources Engineering II
CWR 4812 Water Resources Design
CWR 5125 Groundwater Hydrology
CWR 5205 Hydraulic Engineering
CWR 5515 Numerical Methods in Civil and Environmental Engineering
CWR 5545 Water Resources Engineering
CWR 5634 Water Resources in a Changing Environment
CWR 6007 Eco-hydraulics
CWR 6102 Advanced Hydrology
CWR 6535 Modeling Water Resources Systems
CWR 6660 Water Policy Planning and Governance
CWR 6235 Open Channel Hydraulics
CWR 6126 Groundwater Modeling
EAS 5302 Direct Energy Conversion
EEE 3350 Semiconductor Devices I
EEE 5352C Semiconductor Material and Device Characterization
EEE 5353 Semiconductor Device Modeling and Simulation
EEL 4216 Fundamentals of Electric Power Systems
EEL 5268 Communications and Networking for Smart Grid
EEL 6272 Smart Power Grids Protection
EEL 5291 Distributed Control and Optimization for Smart Grid
EES 5318 Industrial Ecology
EGN 3365 Structure and Properties of Materials
EGS 4710 Energy and Society
EMA 5586 Photovoltaic Solar Energy Materials
EMA 5108 Surface Science
EML 4411 Mechanical Power Systems
EML 4142 Heat Transfer
EML 4143 Heat Transfer II
EML 4306C Energy Systems Lab
EML 5152 Intermediate Heat Transfer
EML 4454 Turbines for Sustainable Power
EML 4600 HVAC Systems Engineering
EML 5545 Smart and Adaptive Structures
EML 4602 Applied HVAC Engineering
EML 5402 Turbomachinery
EML 5403 Science and Technology of Fuel Cells
EML 5430C Design for Manufacturing in Turbomachinery: Gas/Steam/Wind Turbines & Generators
EML 5431C Design for Mechanical & Dynamic Integrity and Reliability in Turbomachinery
EML 5456 Turbines for Sustainable Power
ENV 3001 Introduction to Environmental Engineering
ENV 4120 Air Pollution and Hazardous Waste Control
ENV 4122C Air Pollution Control Design
ENV 4300C Solid Waste Facility Design
ENV 4341 Sustainable Resource Management
ENV 4433C Environmental Engineering Wastewater Design
ENV 4531 Environmental Engineering Unit Operations & Processes
ENV 4561 Advanced Environmental Engineering Operations & Processes
ENV 5410 Water Treatment
ENV 5505 Sludge Management Operations in Environmental Engineering
ENV 5517 Engineering Chemical and Biological Processes
ENV 5636 Environmental and Water Resources Systems Analysis
ENV 6015 Physical/Chemical Treatment Systems in Environmental Engineering
ENV 6047 Environmental Informatics and Remote Sensing
ENV 6016 Biological Treatment Systems in Environmental Engineering
ENV 6347 Hazardous Waste Incineration
ENV 6558 Industrial Waste Treatment
ENV 6616 Ecological Engineering and Receiving Water Impacts
ENV 6030 Environmental Biotechnology
ENV 6126 Design of Air Pollution Controls
ENV 6106 Theory and Practice of Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling
TTE 4601C Urban Systems Design
TTE 5805 Geometric Design of Transportation Systems
TTE 5835 Pavement Engineering
TTE 6270 Intelligent Transportation Systems
TTE 6625 Mass Transportation Systems

College of Graduate Studies

IDS 6126 Interdisciplinary
IDS 6953 Urban and Regional Planning Capstone I
IDS 6954 Urban and Regional Planning Capstone II

College of Health and Public Affairs

IDS 6935 Urban and Regional Planning Capstone I
IDS 6954 Urban and Regional Planning Capstone II
PAD 4331 Land Use and Planning
PAD 4371 Community Resiliency Sustainability
PAD 4390 Hazard Mitigation and Preparedness
PAD 4395 Disaster Response and Recovery
PAD 3330 Urban and Regional Planning
PAD 4351 Issues in Environmental Program Management
PAD 4334 Urban Design
PAD 6353 Environmental Planning and Policy
PAD 6254 Economics of Land Use Planning and Development
PAD 6387 Transportation Policy
PAD 4253 Community and Economic Development
PAF 4754 Interdisciplinary Leadership in Public Affairs
PAD 4390 Hazard Mitigation and Preparedness
PAD 5336 Introduction to Urban Planning
PAD 5338 Land Use and Planning Law
PLA 4554 Environmental Law
URP 6711 Sustainable Transportation Planning

College of Sciences

ANG 5531 Nutritional Anthropology
ANT 3290 Anthropology of Plants and People
ANT 4051 Environmental Anthropology
ANT 4441 Anthropology of Cities
ANT 4467 Nutritional Anthropology
BOT 6623C Plant Ecology
BOT 3018C Culinary Botany across cultures
BOT 3802 Ethnobotany
BOT 4713C Plant Taxonomy
BOT 4850 Medicinal Botany
BOT 4223C Plant Anatomy
BOT 4303C Plant Kingdom
BOT 4434C General Mycology
BOT 4503 Plant Physiology
BSC 3312 Principles of Marine Biology
BSC 4312C Advanced Marine Biology
BSC 5316 Marine Conservation Biology
BSC 5258L Tropical Biology Research and Conservation
BSC 4861L Urban Ecological Field Studies
BSC 5618 Phylogenetic Approaches in Biological Research
BSC 5824 Biogeography
BSC 4821 Biogeography
BSC 3052 Conservation Biology
BSC 6466 Methods in Experimental Ecology
BSC 6468 Methods in Experimental Ecology II
BSC 4330 Invasion Biology
BSC 5332 Invasion Biology
CHS 4615 Environmental Chemistry
GLY 1030 Geology and its Applications
GLY 2038 Environmental Geoscience
CHS 6613 Current Topics in Environmental Chemistry
EVR 1001 Introduction to Environmental Science
GEO 1200 Physical Geography
GEO 2370 Resources Geography
INR 4054 Global Politics of Energy
INR 4351 International Environmental Law
INR 6352 Global Environmental Politics
INR 6356 Environmental Security
INR 6405 International Environmental Law
PUP 3203 Environmental Politics
PUP 3204 Sustainability
PUP 4209 Urban Environmental Policy
PUP 6208 Environmental Politics
PUP 6201 Urban Environmental Policy
PAZ 4234 Zoo and Aquarium Management
PAZ 5235 Zoo and Aquarium Biology Management
OCE 3008 Oceanography
PCB 3044 Principals in Ecology
PCB 3044L Principals in Ecology Laboratory
PCB 3354 Tropical Ecology and Conservation
PCB 4353 Florida Ecology, Natural History and Conservation
PCB 4402 Disease Ecology & Ecoimmunology
PCB 4683 Evolutionary Biology
PCB 4683L Evolutionary Biology Lab
PCB 5447 Disease Ecology & Ecoimmunology
PCB 6053C Restoration Ecology
PCB 4408 Urban Ecology
PCB 3343L Principals of Field Ecology
PCB 5045 Conservation Biology
PCB 6556 Conservation Genetics
PCB 5435C Marine Ecology of Florida
PCB 6480C Quantitative Conservation Biology
PCB 5326C Ecosystems of Florida
PCB 5485 Models in Ecology
PCB 6046 Advanced Ecology
PCB 6047 Advances in Plant Ecological Research
PCB 5687 Evolutionary Ecology
PCB 6365 Environmental Physiology
PCB 6328C Landscape Ecology
PCB 6035C Wetland Ecology
PCB 5935 Population Genetics
PCB 6675C Evolutionary Biology
PCB 6930 Current Topics in Ecology
PCB 7049C Conservation Biology Practice
PHY 1038 Physics of Energy, Climate Change and Environment
SYD 4510 Environment and Society
SYD 4514 Environmental Movement
SYD 3410 Urban Society
SYD 4020 Birth, Death and Population Trends
SYD 5517 Environment and Society
SYO 3408 Animals and Health
SYG 4244 Food and Society

College of Undergraduate Studies

IDS 3150 Foundations of Environmental Studies
IDS 4934 Capstone Experience
IDS 4204C Advanced Topics on Energy and Sustainability
GIS 4301C Advanced GIS Applications in Environmental Studies
GIS 3043C GIS for Environmental Studies

Education and Human Performance

ISC 6146 Environmental Education for Educators
SCE 3310 Teaching Science in Elementary School
SCE 4361 Programs in Teaching Science
SCE 5337 Issues and Methods in Secondary School Science
SCE 6315 Methods in Elementary School Science
SCE 5325 Teaching Middle School Science
SCE 7145 Design of Post-Secondary Science Curriculum
SCE 7146 Professional Issues in Science Education

Rosen College of Hospitality Management

FSS 3008 Culture and Cuisine
FSS 3124 Supply and Procurement Management
FSS 6365 Management of Food Service Operations
HFT 4457 Food Beverage and Labor Cost Controls
HMG 7876 Strategies and Tactics: Foodservice