Climate Correction

October 3

Student Union
Pegasus Ballroom

Early Bird Student – $10.00

Early Bird Educator – $40.00

Early Bird General – $65.00

*Sale ends September 3rd

About the event

Debating The Reality Of Climate Change Is History

VoLo Foundation, in partnership with the University of Central Florida, invites you to the Second Annual Climate Correction, a conference and expo dedicated to sharing and collaborating on climate change solutions. Last year’s event filled the auditorium with attendees eager to learn from industry experts, like David S. Vogel, Katharine Hayhoe, Alex Slocum, and many more. In 2019, prepare to be blown away by cutting edge research and innovation; join us where crisis and opportunity intersect. If you have an interest in renewable energy, sea-level rise, clean eating, and sustainable living this conference is for you.

The CC Engagement Expo invites attendees to have direct involvement with current climate solutions. To participate in this year’s Expo, apply here. Expo applications conclude on August 23rd.

Student Opportunities

If you are currently enrolled at a Florida college or university be sure to check out the VISTA Award competition to showcase your own solution and compete for $10,000! Another opportunity is our Art Walk which provides student artists the opportunity to have their work showcased and win one of three scholarships, valued at $750, $500, and $250.


2019 Speakers & Panelists

The Industry's Top Leaders


Vanessa Hauc

Senior Correspondent, Noticias Telemundo


Marshall Shepard

Director for Program in Atmospheric Sciences, University of Georgia


Ana Eskamani

State House Representative (D-47),
Florida House of Representatives


Chris Castro

Director of Sustainability & Resilience, City of Orlando


Sandra Whitehouse

Senior Policy Advisor, Consultant, Ocean Conservancy


David Doniger

Senior Strategic Director, Natural Resources Defense Council

Presented by VoLo Foundation

VISTA Award – $10,000

The VoLo VISTA Award is specifically for students who display exemplary leadership, along with Vision, Innovation, Sustainability, Technology, and Adaptation in climate solutions within the State of Florida. VoLo is looking to gather proposals from your undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled full-time at your school. VoLo will invite the finalist student individuals or teams to present their ideas at our annual Climate Correction conference in Orlando, FL. At Climate Correction, audience members will assist VoLo’s Founders in determining the project that best drives positive change in climate solutions. The University affiliated with the winning project will be receive a $10,000 gift from VoLo, to help the student(s) grow the project’s efforts.



The 2019 Climate Correction agenda is coming soon. To see the last year’s agenda, click here.



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Climate Program Manager Rod Braun discussed strategies for carbon mitigation using nature-based solutions at the Climate Correction conference in Orlando. Green solutions can provide emission reductions needed to keep global temps under 2˚C by 2030. #ClimateCorrection2018
Jay Brady
Jay BradyAICP, Program Director for Water Use
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Being part of the solutions for climate change starts with ideas that foster conversations and lead to bigger and better ideas. The Climate Correction conference and expo puts bright minds in the same room to stimulate critical thinking to solve Earth's greatest challenges. | Toxicity, Elemental Impact.
VoLo Foundation
VoLo Foundation@VoLoFoundation
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Press from #ClimateCorrection2018 continues to reach millions. Check out this segment from @TeamTelemundo_ and the stunning interview with our #cofounder @VogelLopez. Follow link to see entire video:
Heaven Campbell
Heaven CampbellSolar United Neighbors
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The Climate Corrections conference was a premier solutions-based networking and learning opportunity. This conference was a powerful day bringing together leading voices to inspire us all to be the best climate heroes we can be.
Britt Groosman
Britt Groosman@BrittGroosman
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“To the youth: Use your voice, your vote, your pursestring” wise words from @Yoca1000 at #ClimateCorrection2018 @UCF @VoLoFoundation
Voces Verdes
Voces Verdes@VocesVerdes
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Още Great #Climate Correction conference hosted by the VoLo Foundation & @UCF We have solutions and can do better and not a minute too soon! #ClimateChange is here and we need #action and #solutions @IDEAStweetsUs @castroideas @citizensclimate @CLEOInstitute #Floridastrong
Kristin Van Busum
Kristin Van BusumFounder & CEO, Project Alianza
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Being at the Climate Correction Expo was eye-opening for me. I appreciate that panelists could speak so candidly about the real effects of climate change and tangible ways we can all be part of the solution.

“The time is past when humankind thought it could selfishly draw on exhaustible resources. We know now the world is not a commodity.”

-François Hollande, former President of France



October 3rd, 2019

UCF Student Union

Pegasus Grand Ballroom

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