At UCF, our built environment amounts to 8 million gross square feet and that number is growing. As we continue our growth, we are committed to designing our buildings to be highest standards of performance incorporating the latest features of sustainable construction. Our operational practices include green housekeeping, responsible procurement, proper waste management, and educating our occupants on the importance of being conservative with our finite resources. We strive to create campus spaces that not only serve their purpose but also support livability while improving our quality of life. To view UCF's green buildings portfolio, visit the Sustainable Building & Design Gallery.

As of 2015, 13 of our new construction buildings have achieved LEED Silver certified or higher.

POLICY 2.1.3: UCF’s Department of Utilities and Energy Services shall serve as the University’s principal advisor and approval authority forensuring that the standards and practices for design, construction, and operation of all UCF facilities are consistent with LEED practices.

Our Natural Lands.

The protection of our lands and wildlife is integral to our sustainability plan. Nearly 60% of our campus land is designated as conservation boasting vast wetlands, upland preserves, and multitudes of plant and animal species. Our rich and horticulturally diverse visual landscape exemplifying the composition of Central Florida's native environments. In order to preserve these treasures for future generations, we employ the best practices to protect native vegetative communities and wildlife habitat. We strive to create a campus outdoor environment that promotes comfort, security, sustainability, and a regional sense of place for everyone to enjoy.To learn more about our Natural Lands and how you can get involved, visit UCF's Department of Landscape and Natural Resources website.