Student Sustainability Advisory Committee Opening

2017-2018 Appointment Term
Applications due by March 31st.
SSAC internship positions available in Buildings & Land, Energy, Food & Livability, Transportation, Waste, and Water.

Position Description:

The Student Sustainability Advisory Committee shall provide suggestions and feedback in the necessary collegial efforts to advance environmental stewardship, economic vitality and social justice. The committee shall serve as a connection to the student perspective in the values, education, policies, practices, and projects that strengthen the campus-wide commitment to sustainability. The committee will consider each initiative in discussion and proposal planning including buildings & land, energy, food & livability, transportation, waste, and water.


  • Take part in the suggestions and feedback regarding sustainability that will guide in achieving the goals of the President's Climate Commitment.
  • Develop a detailed project proposal within one's initiative subject upon committee approval of suggestion.
  • Advise on the integration of sustainability concepts in academics, research, operations, and community outreach.
  • Assist in engaging the campus in an ongoing dialogue about sustainability and instilling a culture of forward-thinking through their respective constituencies.

Desired Skills:

  • Ability to analyze current state of affairs in regard to sustainability at the university and discuss potential advancements to climate neutrality.
  • Ability to conduct research in moving forward with a desired initiative (e.g. resource prioritization, budget analysis, community partner outreach)
  • Ability to develop a formal proposal that prioritizes the plan of action, needs, and obstacles for an initiative/project.


  • Must be a current undergraduate or graduate student at the University of Central Florida, with at least one full academic year before graduation.
  • The ability to commit to a full year (multi-semester) appointment.
  • The ability to commit to monthly meetings on every last Tuesday of a given month at 4pm.
  • The ability to attend separate subcommittee and SWAT meetings on a reoccurring basis.
  • The ability to lead an initiative, and work well with others.
  • An understanding of the President's Climate Commitment in reaching climate neutrality by 2050 at UCF.

Office of Experiential Learning Requirements:

Upon appointment, internship registration will be required through OEL. If a student is interested in receiving credit(s), internship registration is required prior to the desired academic term of credit. The individual is expected to complete a minimum of 12 hours per week by attending formal monthly meetings, organizing and attending subcommittee meetings, and researching the necessary constituents of one's initiative.

At the conclusion of the internship, the individual must develop a structured portfolio of one's research, applicable field work, accomplishments, and a copy of all meeting minutes attended. This account will be in addition to the required reports developed within SSAC regarding committee and subcommittee progress.

For more information, visit the SSAC webpage.

Apply here.

Applications due by March 31st @ 11:59pm.