Student Sustainability Advisory Committee

The Student Sustainability Advisory Committee (SSAC) serves as the student perspective in the values, educational material, policies, practices, and projects that strengthen the campus-wide commitment to sustainability. The SSAC facilitates a shared avenue with the Sustainability Advisory Committee by providing detailed proposals and recommendations in furthering the sustainable practices of UCF’s institutional culture.

The SSAC shall consist of no more than twelve voting members, chosen through an application process. All committee members shall be active UCF students and passionate about the advancement of campus and community sustainability. Committee members will be appointed to serve a one (1) year appointment and will require reappointment to serve subsequent terms. The Chair will nominate members for appointment. The Office of Sustainability Initiatives will appoint new members to the committee in the event of a vacancy outside of the application cycle.

Major projects shall be proposed to and selected by the Sustainability Advisory Committee and
Sustainability Working Advisory Teams. Project groups shall be established in support of each project
selected. Each project team shall consist of no more than five SSAC members. Project leads shall be
appointed through a nomination and secret ballot among SSAC members. Non-lead members shall serve on no less than two project teams.

2017-18 Projects

    1. Recycling Bins in High-Traffic Areas
  • Emily Marte leads the Recycling project with the goal of conducting a recycling pilot on Memory Mall. They have worked with Facilities & Safety staff to determine the best location for the pilot, gauge the types of bins needed for the project and identified overall limits to recycling on the UCF campus.
  • 2. Bike Share Expansion

  • Sam Maldonado leads the Bike Share group with the goal of expanding the bike share program and fleet on campus. They coordinated a Bike Share Day in February 2018 where they hosted 7 bike share vendors to come give demonstrations about their product on Memory Mall followed by individual presentations in UCF Global. Throughout the event, they solicited feedback from students, faculty/staff, and community members. The results of the survey have been evaluated to determine the values that people care about the most with a bike share vendor on campus and which vendor they liked the most.
  • 3. Electric Bus

  • Joshua Bailey leads the Electric Bus project is which has the objective to reveal attitudes and perceptions of the current transportation system and illustrating how students feel about incorporating electric buses on UCF’s main campus through an IRB-approved Qualtrics survey. This project will compare the results of the survey to previous research on university student perceptions of electric buses on campus.
  • 4. Composting Pilot: Paper Towels

  • Blue Kaufman leads the composting project which over the course of the Spring 2018 semester composted paper towels in a The pilot took place in the women’s restroom on the first floor of the Harrison Corporation Engineering Center. The paper towels were picked up weekly by the Arboretum from the HEC building and taken to the Arboretum for processing and auditing. After conducting audits, the paper towels were shredded and then added to compost piles.

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    2017-18 Cohort Minutes
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    Current Members and Affiliations

    Zachary Good
    Majoring in Political Science

    Sandra Raymond
    Buildings & Energy
    Majoring in Environmental Engineering

    Indira Avendano
    Buildings & Energy
    Majoring in Computer Engineering

    Elise de Cuba
    Majoring in Environmental Studies

    Samantha Maldonado
    Majoring in Environmental Engineering

    Crishtine Sundar
    Land & Water Conservation
    Majoring in Psychology

    Torre Ippolito
    Buildings & Energy
    Majoring in International and Global Studies

    Blue Kaufman
    Land & Water Conservation
    Majoring in English

    Julian Perez
    Land & Water Conservation
    Majoring in Infectious Disease

    Stephanie Walsh
    Land & Water Conservation
    Majoring in Environmental Studies

    Emily Marte
    Buildings & Energy
    Majoring in Environmental Studies

    Joshua Bailey
    Majoring in Environmental Studies

    Todd Currie
    Land & Water Conservation
    Majoring in Sports Business Management

    Committee Charter