The University of Central Florida is a leader in creating a greener college campus for the 21st century.

In 2007, I committed UCF to becoming climate neutral by the year 2050. Since then, we have made remarkable progress toward that goal. We design our buildings more efficiently, employ the latest energy saving technologies, use cleaner energy, and conserve our natural resources. As a result, our existing buildings use 38 percent less energy than when our efforts began.

New construction at UCF is designed to the highest standards of efficiency from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. We meet a third of our campus energy demand by using natural gas rather than other fossil fuels. And, as a major metropolitan research university, we conduct groundbreaking research to find cleaner and more efficient energy resources.

We recognize that growth at UCF has an impact on our campuses and beyond. Our growth, however, provides opportunities to devise more efficient transportation, procure renewable energies, improve livability, and enhance student experience.

Everyone should enjoy the ability to live, work, and learn in a safe and healthy environment. UCF prides itself in being America’s Leading Partnership University, and all of us – students, faculty, staff, administrators, and the constituencies we serve – play a role in making Central Florida a national model for sustainability.

Working together, we become stronger, greener – and better.

Cordially yours,

John C. Hitt